Celebrate minority-led businesses

These M1 Community Pies focus on groups of publicly traded companies led by Black, female, or LGBTQ+ executives.* We’ll continue adding more Pies to this category over time. 

Black led Pie


A group of public companies led by Black executives.

AAPI led Pie


A group of public companies led by Asian American and Pacific Islander executives.

Women led Pie


A group of public companies led by female executives.

Latine led Pie


A group of public companies led by Latine executives.

LGBTQ+ led Pie

LGBTQ+ -led

A group of public companies led by LGBTQ+ executives.

*Community Pies were built based upon publicly available data.

Sustainable businesses

This M1 Community Pie includes companies that have committed to sustainable policies and practices relative to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Better together no matter how you slice it

Investing doesn’t have to be secretive. And it doesn’t have to benefit a select few.

At M1, we have our values and we know you have yours. That’s why we created these shareable Community Pies, so you can be a source of positivity and change in your community and beyond. 

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Image of an M1 Pie with stocks, ETFs, and a Community Pie

All about your M1 Pie

The Pie is an interactive dashboard of your portfolio. It shows your investments, your returns, and more.

You can choose from stocks, ETFs, or M1-curated Pies to keep your investments organized and build your own custom investment plan.

Pies let you do what’s best for you, so you can find the right balance.

Investments worth talking about

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