Get to know the Owner’s Rewards Card by M1

With three tiers of rewards packed with big name brands, our Owner’s Rewards Program is like nothing else. Think like an owner, spend like an owner, and get rewarded like an owner.

Your Pie could get a whole lot sweeter

Whether it’s everyday purchases, your favorite subscriptions, or the occasional splurge, you could get big time cash back when you spend at select companies you hold in eligible M1 invest accounts. Then, you can automatically reinvest it into your Pie to keep building wealth with every swipe of your card. See the full list of tiers and brands below: 

10% cash back

Lulu Lemon Logo
Spotify Logo
AMC Theaters
Netflix Logo
Tesla Logo
DropBox Logo
Peloton Logo
Ulta Logo
Dollar General Logo
Stitch Fix Logo


American Airlines
Chipotle Logo
Dominos Logo
GameStop Logo
Converse Logo
Popeyes logo
Homesense Logo
United Airlines logo
Etsy Logo
Jetblue Logo
Nike Logo
Tim Horton's logo
Marshalls Logo
UPS Logo
KFC logo
Reverb Logo
Southwest Logo
Purple Logo
Starbucks Logo
Sierra Logo
Wayfair Logo
Pizza Hut logo
Chewy Logo
Delta Logo
FedEx Logo
Mcdonald's logo
Burger King logo
Homegoods Logo
TJ Maxx Logo
Taco Bell logo


Ebay logo
AT&T Logo
Postmates logo
Duane Reade logo
Bonobos logo
Whole Foods
Comcast Logo with NBC peacock
Home Depot logo
Target logo
Uber logo
Walgreens logo
Moosejaw logo
Caviar logo
Lowe's logo
Sprint logo
Uber Eats logo
Discovery+ (WBD)
Sam's Club logo
Best Buy
Doordash logo
Lyft logo
T Mobile logo
Verizon logo
Walmart logo

1.5% cash back everywhere else

M1 is all about building wealth, all Owner’s Rewards Card users get a baseline 1.5% cash back on everything else.

Must own securities in a qualified M1 investment account as explained in M1’s Owner’s Rewards Terms & Conditions to be eligible for 2.5%, 5%, & 10% categories. Trust and custodial accounts are not eligible investment accounts. The terms and companies listed are subject to change. Securities shown should not be considered trade recommendations. You should assess your own investment risks prior to purchasing any securities shown. 

1.5%-10% credit card cash back rewards earned on eligible purchases subject to a maximum of $200 cash back per calendar month.