Make the long row easier. Roll over into an M1 IRA.

Rollover your retirement account into an M1 IRA to save on fees from your plan provider, get control over how you invest, and potentially earn a bonus. 

Retirement rollovers at M1

What is a rollover?

It’s common to collect employer-sponsored retirement accounts over the course of a career, such as a 401(k) or 403(b). You can “roll over” such accounts into a self-directed M1 IRA anytime, without penalty.

M1 supports direct and indirect rollovers

You can choose to have your provider mail a check with your retirement funds directly to M1 for a direct rollover, or have it sent to you for an indirect rollover.

Roll over in 3 steps

Roll over step 1

Open an M1 IRA account

You’ll need your new account number for the next step.

Roll over step 2

Initiate your rollover

Have your account provider write a check payable to Apex Clearing FBO [Your Name], with your name and new M1 IRA account number printed in the memo line.

Roll over step 3

Start investing

Once your retirement funds land in your new M1 IRA (1-2 weeks), you have everything you need to build and execute your own automated, self-directed investing strategy.

Use M1 to unlock your long-term wealth

Avoid management fees

Employer-sponsored accounts often charge fees that can eat into your earnings. M1 accounts are self-directed, with no management or commission fees. M1 Finance, LLC does not charge commission, trading, or management fees for self-directed brokerage accounts. You may still be charged other fees such as M1’s platform fee, regulatory fees, account closure fees, or ADR fees. For a complete list of fees M1 may charge visit M1’s Fee Schedule. 

Broad investment options

The M1 platform offers a wide range of stocks, ETFs, and pre-built portfolios tailored to common investment approaches.

Automate your strategy

Invest in a portfolio that rebalances itself dynamically and drives toward your targets while you live, work, and play.

See the big picture

Consolidate your investments on a highly visual platform that makes it easy to see how your portfolio is performing.

Rollover with confidence 

Get the answers you need to make the switch today. 

Visit the Help Center 

The first steps—opening your M1 IRA account and contacting your account provider(s)—move as fast as you do! Once you’ve initiated your rollover, it can take up to 2 weeks for your retirement funds to land in your new M1 account.

M1 won’t charge you any fees to rollover your retirement account(s). However, most plans charge an outgoing fee.

There is a $500 minimum initial balance requirement for M1 retirement accounts.

You can roll over any type of employer-sponsored retirement plan, including:

  • 401(k) plans 
  • 403(b) plans  
  • 457 plans  

No. Your assets will be liquidated and mailed as a check to M1 when you roll over into an M1 IRA. Once your funds clear, you will be able to invest in your first Pie.

Yes. During the direct rollover process at M1, your provider will mail a check directly to M1’s clearing firm (Apex Clearing FBO).

Let’s get rolling 

Start your rollover now and take control of your retirement.

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A rollover is only one of your options for your retirement account, please see IRS guidance about rollovers for additional details/considerations.