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Owner’s rewardS card

Earn or reinvest up to 10% cash back1 

Work toward your long-term investing goals, even as you spend. The Owner’s Rewards card by M1 works seamlessly with your profile—so you can redeem or reinvest your cash back rewards as you see fit.

Owner's Rewards Card in sleek black

Subject to Credit Approval

Owner's Rewards Card in sleek black

Big brands.
Big rewards.

Spend with the 20+ popular brands including grocery stores, fuel brands, restaurants and more to earn extra cash back.

Manage your card with M1 automation

It’s the only card that meshes seamlessly with your M1 profile. Automate your cash back rewards to reinvest in your M1 portfolio. Customize your payment schedule with your own rules. And reap bigger, better rewards with 20+ popular brands.

Your wallet’s slick investing sidekick

Owner's Rewards Card in sleek black

No annual card fee2

Enjoy big rewards without the yearly overhead.  

Go contactless  
Tap to pay or add to your digital wallet. 

Simple integration

Manage, freeze and set automation rules for your card in M1.  

Visa Signature® perks  

Get added protection with Visa® Zero Liability.

Owner's Rewards Card in sleek black

Get the Owner’s Rewards Card by M1

Subject to Credit Approval

1 2.5% – 10% Owner’s Rewards cash back is earned on qualifying purchases based on M1’s rewards tiers that can be found here. All Standard Reward purchases receive 1.5% cash back. Owners Rewards and Standard Rewards are subject to a maximum of $200 cash back in aggregate per calendar month. Exclusions may apply. See Rewards Terms for additional information and exclusions.

2 APR ranges from 20.24% – 30.24% based on creditworthiness of the applicant. APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate. There is no Annual Fee for the Owner’s Rewards Card. Rates as of January 2024.