Automated investing made simple

M1’s platform allows you to automate the mundane tasks of investing so you can focus on your long-term strategy.

Why automate?

Our case for automation

Stay balanced
With M1 automation, it’s easier than ever to keep your portfolio driving toward your targets.

Save time
Automate away the tedium of portfolio management while you focus on the big picture.

Dollar cost averaging
Take the emotions out of investing for more discipline, consistency, and a long-term focus.

Peace of mind
Know that your investments are aligned with your strategy, automatically.

Stay on track with auto-invest

Turn auto-invest on to intelligently invest cash sitting in your Invest Account above your set minimum balance. This eliminates the extra step of buying once funds are deposited.

More about auto-invest ->

The power of automation, at your fingertips

Manual Rebalancing

As the market moves, your initial portfolio allocations may fluctuate. Rebalance with the tap of a button, and securities will be bought and sold to return your Pie to its preset targets.

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Dynamic Rebalancing

Say goodbye to manual calculations: all new cash investments are dynamically allocated, starting with the purchase of underweight Slices within your Pie.

More about Dynamic Rebalancing ->

M1 plus logo

Get Smart Transfers with M1 Plus

Smart Transfers are threshold-based rules that allow you to control the movement of money between multiple M1 accounts.

Set a maximum balance

For your M1 Checking Account, Invest Account, or Crypto Account

Set a maximum balance for any account and sweep excess cash into another so it can go to work, how you like it.

Set a minimum balance

For your M1 Checking Account

Don’t want your Checking Account to fall below a certain amount? Just set your minimum, and M1 will keep it loaded, automatically.

Your automation questions, answered

Go to M1’s Help Center

It’s easy! For step-by-step instructions on each automation feature, visit our Help Center articles on each topic:

Dynamic Rebalancing
Smart Transfers (an M1 Plus feature)

Yes, and it’s quite simple! Generally, moving Slices won’t result in a buy or sell, so you won’t have to worry about a taM1 automations are more than just a scheduled transfer. Unlike traditional brokerages such as Fidelity or Vanguard, M1 lets you rebalance with the click of a button, set up transfers based on “if-then” scenarios via Smart Transfers, and automatically take advantage of Dynamic Rebalancing and dollar-cost-averaging.

M1 Plus members can use Smart Transfers to control the flow of money between their M1 Checking Account, M1 Invest Accounts, and Crypto Accounts. Learn more about M1 Plus.