Put your investing strategy
on cruise control

You’ve got a long-term vision.
We’ve got the tools to automate it.

Put your investing strategy on cruise control

You’ve got a long-term vision.
We’ve got the tools to automate it.

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See how to invest with M1 in 1 minute

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Get $75 – $500 as an investment bonus when you sign up and make a qualifying deposit in 14 days. Promotional terms and conditions apply.

Try the Pie

In M1, your portfolio is shown as a Pie. See what happens when you… 

Make your first deposit

We’ll invest in your portfolio based on targets you set. No napkin math required.  

Check your progress

As the market moves, your holdings may drift from their target allocations—you’ll see these Slices grow or shrink. 

Reinvest in your portfolio

When you make a one-time or recurring deposit, we’ll use your buying power to fund underweight holdings first. We won’t sell for you—just intelligently invest in your chosen holdings to get closer to your targets. 

Rebalance with one click

You can click “Rebalance” to sell some of what’s overweight. We’ll use the proceeds to buy what’s underweight with tax-smart automation. 

Use a Pie as a Slice

You can customize your portfolio by using a Pie as a Slice—think of it as a bucket for your investments (like ETFs or tech stock picks). 

Diversify with
Model Portfolios

More than 60 ready-made portfolios—use one as a Slice or make it your whole Pie.

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Leverage the power of your portfolio

Get built-in access to margin when your taxable brokerage account invested balance passes $2,000.

  • Low rates (7.25% with M1 Plus)
  • No paperwork or application required 
  • Pay back your principal anytime  

No impulse buys

No confetti. No 24-hour trading. We queue up trades twice a day to invest toward your long term goals.¤

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  • Traditional IRA
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Unlike some companies, M1 charges no management fees. There are, however, miscellaneous fees for certain services, which you can review in the M1 Fee Schedule.

M1 automates day-to-day maintenance and simplifies the creation of custom investment portfolios. After you create your Pie-based portfolio, M1 utilizes its proprietary trading system to automate your trading activity. You don’t have to input or execute any trades manually if you don’t want to. Read more about how M1 trades.

You can set up an individual taxable account for your general investing needs, including a joint account with a relative, spouse, or domestic partner; traditional, Roth, and SEP IRAs, or a trust account. Learn more about the account types M1 supports.

Investing can be one of the best ways to build wealth for the long-term, but there are some things to keep in mind when creating your portfolio.  

  • Returns from any investment requires that the company stays in business. 
  • Stock prices may fluctuate up or down based on factors inside the company, political events, or market events. 
  • Inflation reduces purchasing power and may erode returns for people investing in cash equivalents. 
  • Interest rate changes can affect the business operations, profits, and losses of companies in many sectors of the market. 
  • The potential lack of market availability of an investment you want to buy or sell quickly can reduce potential gains but increase potential losses. 
  • All investing involves risk, including the risk of losing the money you invest. M1 does not provide investment advice or recommendations and you should do your own research before investing in any security. 

At this time, you cannot create a combined traditional assets like stocks with crypto. Get more information about this in Crypto FAQ.

^Commission-free trading of stocks and ETFs refers to $0 commissions charged by M1 Finance LLC for self-directed brokerage accounts. Other fees may apply such as regulatory, M1 Plus membership, account closures and ADR fees. For complete list of fees, visit M1 Fee Schedule. 

ªIf you choose to transfer your account to another broker-dealer, only the full shares are guaranteed to transfer. Fractional shares may need to be liquidated and transferred as cash. 

¤Participate in both trade windows when you have $25,000 or more equity to comply with pattern-day trading regulations.