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Protect your
legacy with a trust

Use M1 to manage a trust and leave investments behind for the ones you love.

The trusts we support

M1 supports both revocable and irrevocable trusts that are authorized to invest in stocks. The trust must be a U.S. domestic trust and be in good legal standing. The minimum account value for Trust Accounts is $5,000. 

Revocable trusts

With this type of trust, a grantor or originator maintains control of the trust until their passing. Only after death do the assets transfer to the beneficiaries.

Irrevocable trusts

This type of trust offers enhanced protection from future creditors and other financial threats, with the downside being less control for the originator.

The benefits of establishing a trust


A properly constructed trust can help protect your legacy from financial complications, such as creditors, mismanagement, and estate taxes.

Estate planning

Trusts can help plan and direct how your estate will be handled after you die, including reducing estate taxes and preventing probate.

Special needs

A trust can be used to financially plan for loved ones who cannot manage their assets by themselves due to a medical condition.


During probate, the state settles all affairs publicly. Establishing a trust can help prevent your assets from becoming public in the event of your passing.

How to set up an M1 Trust Account 

What you need to know

Trust Accounts

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Details needed to open a Trust Account include a copy of the trust agreement, basic contact information, DOB, SSN, Tax ID for the trust, and employment info.

Trusts are more sophisticated, typically requiring a lawyer’s assistance to establish. They provide more flexibility and control for managing one’s assets beyond investing. A Custodial Account is much simpler to establish and used for a more defined purpose: investing and transferring assets to a minor. 

A living trust is a legal arrangement you can establish during your lifetime to protect your assets and direct their distribution after death. M1 supports both revocable and irrevocable living trusts. 

In addition to stocks and ETFs (like the ones that can be held at M1), a trust can contain property, real estate, cash, businesses, and other assets. With a trust, you can define how and when the assets are distributed.

While it is possible to establish a trust without legal assistance, substantial legal knowledge is necessary. Establishing a trust becomes more complicated in proportion to the estate in question. 

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