Our Mission

Empowering financial well-being

Everything M1 does centers on you, the investor. From our product features, to our automation tools, to the content we produce, we’re focused on helping you manage your money and grow your wealth the way you want to. That’s why our mantra is Yours to Build.

We believe

  • Your financial goals are personal and unique to you

You should have total choice, control, and transparency over how you achieve them. This includes choosing the stocks and ETFs you like and having the capability to move your money among your various M1 accounts.

  • With the right mindset, approach, and access to easy-to-use tools, you can reach your goals on your own

We’re not your advisor, so you need to know what your goals and strategy are. We’ll be here with helpful tips and tools to help you put your strategy to work.

  • Wealth building is a marathon, not a sprint

We don’t believe in day trading or speculating as viable ways to build long-term wealth, so we didn’t build M1 to do that. M1 can be a great companion to other investing apps, but if you’re only looking to day trade, you’ll have better luck elsewhere.

  • Finance is like fitness

There is no magic pill or button that will give you the results you want quickly. You need a plan and you need to be diligent about following it to make long-lasting change. Following a committed approach of buying, regularly investing in, and holding ownership of a diverse and balanced set of investments for a long period of time is one of the best ways to build sustainable wealth.

Total control, total automation for
your wealth today and tomorrow

Three phones in a row each displaying different dashboards from the M1 app.