Custodial Accounts

Everything you love about M1. Now for your family.

Invest for your family’s future with M1 custodial accounts. Exclusive for M1 Plus.

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Why open an M1 Custodial account?

Wealth for the future

Build generational wealth for your family, so your children can start their adult life on more secure footing. 

Easy as pie

Build your child’s portfolio how you want, invest in it automatically, and transfer funds easily once they reach age of majority. 

All in one place

Manage your family’s wealth in the same place you manage your own, with the same tools. 

Build early habits

Starting early pays dividends: your child will build healthy habits and they’ll be more prepared in the future. 

Celebrate milestones

Open a custodial account for your child, your grandchild, or any other minor you want to help kickstart their financial journey. 

The M1 Plus advantage

M1 custodial accounts are exclusively available in the M1 Plus membership, which comes with other perks.

Plan for your child’s future, now

M1 custodial accounts work like your regular M1 Invest account: build your Pie, invest in it automatically, and watch it grow.

You can withdraw funds anytime for things that benefit the child, like buying their first car, paying for higher education, renting their first apartment, and more.

Start building long-term wealth for your children today, in just a few minutes.

A pie is better than a piggy bank

Your child could have more than $90,000 to start off adult life if you invest $200 a month in their custodial account. 

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*This example assumes a client is investing $200 per month for 18 years using a hypothetical 8% annual rate of return. The projections reflect year-end values and do not account for taxes, fees, or withdrawals. Client’s actual account may be different for many reasons including, but not limited to, market fluctuations and volatility, changes in clients’ recurring investments, withdrawals, additional investments, time horizon, taxes and fees. This example is for illustrative purposes only and is not indicative of the performance of any actual investment. Past performance does not guarantee future results. 

The M1 Plus advantage

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Basic M1 account

Price: $0

Invest for $0

Use intelligent automation to invest in a portfolio of stocks and ETFs, for free.

Borrow at 5.75%


Access your cash and spend with an M1 checking account and debit card.

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M1 Plus account

Price: $125/year

Invest with more flexibility

Get access to all accounts on the basic plan, plus custodial accounts.

Borrow at 4.25%

Get the same borrowing power at an even lower cost.

Spend and earn 1%

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A custodial account is an investment account (UGMA /UTMA) that you hold and make contributions to on behalf of a child. You (the custodian) will manage the account, but the child is the beneficiary of the account and the owner of the assets in the account.

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Custodial accounts are only offered through the M1 Plus membership. Once you join M1 Plus, you can open a custodial account just like you would another investment account. You can open a custodial account for any child, whether you’re the parent or not. To get started, you will need: the child’s full legal name, their date of birth, and their social security number.

Withdrawals from a custodial account must be for the use and benefit of the child. When the child reaches age of majority (varies by state, but ranges from 18 to 25 years old), he or she will be able to withdraw or transfer the assets in the account.

M1 Plus is an annual membership that unlocks perks and rewards across your M1 account. It has a yearly fee of $125, and gives you access to custodial accounts, Smart Transfers, an afternoon trade window, a lower rate for M1 Borrow, 1.70% APY on your checking balance, 1% cash back on your debit card purchases, and more.

Total control, total automation for
your wealth today and tomorrow

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