Put your dividends to work,
your way

Direct and track your dividends, automatically.

3 ways to use your dividends to grow wealth

Whether you want to reinvest dividend income or grow it in cash, it’s easy to automate where your dividends go. It’s not all or nothing—you can set different rules for each security, too.


Reinvest in dividend stocks

Use dividend income to reinvest in the security that generated it.


Invest in your portfolio

Fund your Pie with dividend income.


Grow your dividends
in cash

Grow dividends at 5.00% APY1 in a High-Yield Cash Account.

Track and act on your dividend income

See a breakdown of your dividend income in an informative chart. You can get insights into your wealth-building journey, so you’re always on top of your strategy.  

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dividend investing

No matter what you have planned for your dividend income, M1 has your strategy covered.