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Earn 5.00%1 APY on your savings

Big banks, like Chase and Bank of America, have served themselves the biggest piece of your pie for too long. Sign up with M1 Plus and earn up to 500x their savings rate.

Americans missed out on $603 billion

in interest over the last 8 years by sticking with big banks
Source: WSJ *

starting at

0.01% APY

starting at

0.01% APY

starting at

0.05% APY

starting at

0.15% APY

Competitor rates retrieved from each institution’s website in June 2023. 

How big banks spend your money

It’s hard to believe big banks have been pocketing most of the interest earned on your savings. For too long, this money has gone toward their interests, and not yours.

Insured up to
$5 million

The M1 High-Yield Savings Account offers 20x the FDIC insurance offered by most big banks.3 Your nest egg is safe with us.

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We don’t spend our budget on big stadiums, celebrity spokespeople, or any of those other stunts the big banks pull. Instead, we’re economical with our spending — which means we can prioritize paying our clients the interest they deserve.  

Just like savings accounts offered by big banks, M1 High-Yield Savings Accounts are backed by FDIC insurance. However, most banks only offer insurance up to $250,000, which is only 1/20th of the $5 million insurance offered by M1.3

M1 Plus members earn 5.00% APY1 with our High Yield Savings Account (membership is $3/month). If you are not an M1 Plus member, you can open a High Yield Savings Account and earn 1.50% APY1 on your balance.  Learn more about M1 Plus

Demand more from your savings

You have so much to gain, and it only takes a few minutes to make a money move.

M1 is not a bank. M1 Spend is a wholly-owned operating subsidiary of M1 Holdings Inc. M1 High-Yield Savings Accounts are furnished by B2 Bank, NA, Member FDIC.  
¹Obtaining stated APY (annual percentage yield) or opening a savings account does not require a minimum account balance. Stated APY is valid from date of account opening. Account fees may reduce earnings. Higher APY rate subject to paid M1 Plus subscription. Rates are subject to change.  

2National average is 0.39% APY as of April, 2023. Obtained from the FDIC. 

3B2 Bank is a member FDIC institution and does not itself provide more than $250,000 of FDIC insurance per legal category of account ownership as described in FDIC regulations. Additional FDIC insurance coverage is provided through B2’s Insured Deposit Network Program involving other FDIC insured depository institutions. Deposits may be insured up to $5,000,000 through B2’s Insured Deposit Network Program. Full terms of the Program can be found at and a complete list of participating banks in the program can be found at