Please note: this promo expired as of 3/27/2024 and is no longer available

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Get a $100 bonus when you refer a friend to M1

Share your referral code with a friend who signs up and funds their account with $10,000 and you could both earn a $100 invest bonus. Referral terms and conditions apply. 

Refer a friend
Refer a friend

How to earn a bonus

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Copy your referral code from the M1 app:

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Share it with friends or family

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You both get $100 investment bonuses

after they sign up and fund a new M1 invest account with $10,000

Earn unlimited bonuses

There’s no limit to how many times you can use your code to refer a friend and earn invest bonuses. 

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Referral cap:


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M1 Referral Program | How It Works1 

Terms & Conditions For M1 Invest Referrals      

Promotion Period: February 7, 2024 to December 31, 2024 

  • You must have a funded M1 Invest account.    
  • You must send your referral code to a friend who is not currently an M1 customer. 
  • Your friend must use your referral code to sign up for a new M1 invest or retirement account.    
  • Your friend must be approved to open an M1 invest or retirement account.   
  • If your friend deposits at least the Account Opening Minimum Amount2 into an invest or a retirement account within thirty (30) calendar days of their New User Sign- up Date, then you and your friend will receive $100, in addition to any other bonus you may receive. 
  • Your friend must maintain their initial deposit amount of at least the Account Opening Minimum Amount2 in their account for 30 calendar days.       

How Does Your Friend Use Your Unique M1 Referral Link?   

  • Send your unique M1 Referral Link to your friend via email or text. 
  • Have your friend click on your unique M1 Referral Link and create an account.   

Where Can You Find Your Referral Link?  

  • Open your Invest screen (mobile) or click on your name (web)  
  • At the top right hand corner click on the silhouette (app) or your name (web) 
  • Click “Refer & Earn” (this will only be visible if your account is funded)  
  • Sign up and choose your Payment Account3 
  • Share your unique referral link with a friend  

You can return to the referrals page at any time to locate your unique referral link.  

1Important Terms and Conditions  

Bonus: $100 cash for both you and your friend  

You will receive a $100 referral bonus in your Payment Account3 within 14 business days of your friend successfully opening an M1 account and funding it with at least the Account Opening Minimum Amount2 for the subsequent 30 calendar day period. Your friend will also receive their $100 referral bonus in their Payment Account within 14 business days of successfully opening an M1 account with your unique referral link and funding it with at least the Account Opening Minimum Amount2 for the subsequent 30 calendar day period. Any bonus money to be paid to you and your friend can only be paid into an open Payment Account3 (non- retirement). 

The $100 promotional amount can be found under Settings>Promotions. You might see that the promotion was successful before the credit has been applied to your Payment account. 

Once credited, you will see a $100 Promotional Credit in Activity. 

2 Account Opening Minimum Amount 

Account Type: 

  • Individual – $10,000 
  • Joint – $10,000 
  • Custodial – $10,000 
  • Trust – $10,000 
  • Retirement (Traditional, Roth, or SEP IRA) – $10,000  

3 Payment Accounts 

Referrals and other promotional credits are deposited into your designated “Payment Account”. A Payment Account must be an individual or joint brokerage account (funding not required). A Payment Account cannot be a retirement account. Both you and anyone you refer will be required to have a Payment Account to receive the referral bonus. It is solely your and your friend’s responsibility to open a valid Payment Account, and without a valid Payment Account, you will not be able to receive referral bonuses. 

If you have more than one taxable account, you can change the Payment Account at any time from Settings>Payment.  

Additional Information, Terms and Exclusions:  

This referral offer is valid only for new M1 account users during the Promotion Period (the “M1 Referral Program”). Please send your unique referral code only to people who you know personally and who will be glad to get it. To qualify for the $100 M1 Invest referral bonus, referred family and friends must sign up during the Promotion Period (e.g., no later than 11:59 p.m. ET on the last day of the Promotion Period) and make an initial deposit of at least the minimum required amount into a brokerage or retirement account (“Account Opening Minimum Amount”)2 within 30 calendar days of New User Sign-up Date and account approval and maintain that initial deposit amount for the subsequent 30 calendar days.    


If you are a member of another FINRA brokerage, you are ineligible from receiving any monetary bonus for referrals to M1. You will still be eligible for earning Plus membership.  

This promotion is not valid with any other offers and is non-transferrable. M1 Referral Program offer available only to consumers 18 years or older who are U.S. citizens or certain eligible legal U.S. Residents. M1 reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time, to limit the amount of account bonuses you are eligible to receive, and to refuse or recover any promotion award if M1 determines that it was obtained under wrongful or fraudulent circumstances, that inaccurate or incomplete information was provided in opening the account, that any terms of the M1 Terms of Use or Account Agreement have been violated or these terms and conditions have been violated. In referring friends to open an M1 account you are acting on behalf of M1 and under the supervision and control of M1, and your efforts in soliciting clients to M1 will be limited to this referral activity. You agree to limit the information you provide in connection with the referral to the link and disclosure provided by M1. M1 is not responsible for incorrect entry or other failure on the part of your referees to meet conditions for either Bonus reward. Personal information collected in connection with this offer will be used in accordance with M1’s Privacy Policy. 

The M1 Referral Program is only available through 11:59 p.m. ET on the last day of the Promotion Period. M1 is the sole and official timekeeper.