M1 expands reliable, secure Plaid connectivity to third-party financial services 

M1 Team
M1 Team November 28, 2023
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You asked for it. We’re delivering. 

M1 is pleased to announce the long-awaited expansion of our Plaid integration service. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out improvements that make account connectivity significantly more reliable and secure with thousands of third-party applications over the Plaid network.  

This means you’ll be able to connect your M1 account to other financial services you use, like payment platforms, budgeting apps, and more. Over 8,000 applications are powered by Plaid, including popular budgeting services like YNAB, NerdWallet, and Copilot. External bank connections to your M1 account (i.e., requests to M1 initiated from an external bank’s platform) are also now supported. 

This update ensures the real-time reliability of data when it populates in third-party systems. After connecting to your M1 account via Plaid on a third-party service, you’ll enable an up-to-date listing of your accounts, transactions, and balance information so you can better manage your accounts and track spending in your financial app of choice. 

At M1, security is our top concern and this new system helps keep your data secure. You won’t have to provide any of your M1 credentials to third-party providers in order to access your M1 accounts on those platforms. While Plaid facilitates the third-party request for your account data, M1 will handle the authentication and access of your data, making sure your credentials stay secure with us the entire time. 

To learn more about connecting your M1 account to Plaid, please see this article in our Help Center. 


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