Financial wellness tips to help you unwind

M1 Team
M1 Team August 22, 2022

On vacation, planning one, or need a break? Consider this your reminder that time away from work is important. Find tips to unwind, along with:

  • Rare skills you may possess
  • The story of M1
  • Data science in finance


The importance of breaks for investors

Beach towel with vacation essentials: a book, food, camera, straw hat, and drink

“OOOs” are taking over work calendars, and it’s a good reminder to schedule your own break. Even if you’re not planning a vacation, leisure time can help prevent burnout, improve your mood, and reframe your mindset.

Before you sign off, consider these financial wellness tips.

1. Spend without splurging.

Budgeting is a fundamental part of managing your money. While you should have a budget for your month-to-month finances, a break or vacation budget is also beneficial.

We’re all tempted to spend a little more when enjoying ourselves. But creating financial limits can help you to enjoy your well-deserved downtime, without the stress.

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2. Let your money work for you.

Worrying about your finances isn’t the best vacation activity. By automating your finances, it’s easier to relax by the pool, take that hike, or enjoy your round of golf.

With M1 automation features like Smart Transfers, you can set everything before you go so you don’t have to keep checking your app.

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3. Take wellness with you.

Maintaining habits is important, even on a break. Use some downtime to reflect on your year so far, read a new book, try a meditation challenge, or continue a healthy habit.

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This week, take a moment to focus on:

  • Habits vs. goals: How many habits do you have? What about goals? And what’s more important?
  • Rare skills: These three skills are rare but powerful. How many have you mastered?

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