More ways investors can attempt to take advantage of this down market

M1 Team
M1 Team October 17, 2022

It’s been a difficult year for the stock market and many investors are looking for ways to ease the effects of their losses. Today, we’re discussing tax-loss harvesting, a strategy that could turn your stock losses into tax breaks and better position your portfolio going forward.

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Using tax-loss harvesting to turn capital losses into tax breaks

Sometimes, the market declines and leaves you wondering what you should do. Buy? Sell? Both? For some, the answer may be “both”— this is called tax-loss harvesting.

If you’ve heard of this strategy, or are already implementing it in your finances, this refresher will inform your decision-making and help round out any questions you may have.

Tax-loss harvesting is a strategy that potentially turns investment losses into tax breaks. If you’ve had a few investments perform poorly this year (we’ve been there), counting your losses could be a way to lower your tax bill without negatively impacting your overall long-term investing strategy.

We’re not here to tell you what to do or what not to do with your investments, because everyone’s situation is unique. However, when the market is serving lemons…well, you know the rest. Before making any moves, it’s best to understand this strategy and the impact it can have on your portfolio. We even created some examples to help you learn and decide if this strategy is right for you.

See how tax-loss harvesting could potentially lower your tax bill >>


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